Seiko Seiko 0351580 Stem 5T52 & 7T32
Seiko 0351580 Stem 5T52 & 7T32

Seiko 0351580 Stem 5T52 & 7T32


Seiko 0351580 Stem 5T52 & 7T32

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Product description

This is an original Stem for the Seiko 5T52 & 7T32


This watch part is compatible with the following model numbers:

SBKT004, SBKT0041, SBKT002, SBKT0021, SGM002J1, SGM002J9, SGM006J0, SGM006J1, SGM006J9, SGM008J0, SGM008J1, SGM008J9, SGM012J0, SGM012J1, SGM012J9, SGM010J0, SGM010J1, SGM010J9, SFT016J0, SFT016J1, SFT016J9, SFT018J0, SFT018J1, SFT018J9, SCDX001, SCDX0011, SBKV001, SBKV0011, SBKV003, SBKV0031, SBKV005, SBKV0051, SBKV004, SBKV0041, SBKV006, SBKV0061, SFT015J1, SFT010J1, SFT010J9, SFT014J1, SFT014J3, SFT014J9, SCDX003, SCDX0031, S23296J1, S23296J9, S23298J0, S23298J1, S23298J9, SZYQ002, SZYQ0021, SZYQ003, SZYQ0031, SZYQ005, SZYQ0051, SZYQ006, SZYQ0061, SZYQ004, SZYQ0041, SEL133P1, SEL129P1, SEL123J1, SEL123P1, SEL125P1, SEL127P1, SEL121P1, SEL131P1, SEL135P1, SEL137P1, SEL139P1, SEL149P1, SEL153P1, SEL141P1, SEL143J1, SEL143P1, SEL145J1, SEL145P1, SEL147P1, SEL151P1, SEL006J1, SEL006J3, SEL006J8, SEL006J9, SEL004J1, SEL004J8, SEL004J9, SEL018J1, SEL018J8, SEL018J9, SZGW0021, SZGW002, SEL001J0, SEL001J1, SEL001J8, SEL001J9, SEL002J0, SEL002J1, SEL002J3, SEL002J6, SEL002J8, SEL002J9, SEL044J0, SEL044J1, SEL044J9, SEL044P0, SEL044P1, SEL044P9, SEL010J0, SEL010J1, SEL010J8, SEL010J9, SEL010P0, SEL010P1, SEL010P9, SEL008J0, SEL008J1, SEL008J8, SEL008J9, SEL008P0, SEL008P1, SEL008P9, SEL013J0, SEL013J1, SEL013J8, SEL013J9, SEL012J0, SEL012J1, SEL012J2, SEL012J8, SEL012J9, SEL014J0, SEL014J1, SEL014J3, SEL014J8, SEL014J9, SEL016J0, SEL016J1, SEL016J3, SEL016J8, SEL016J9, CAZ002J1, CAZ002J8, CAZ002J9, SBKW004, SBKW0041, CAZ006J1, CAZ006J9, CAZ004J1, CAZ004J9, SEL053J0, SEL053J1, SEL053J9, SEL060J1, SEL060J9, SEL058J1, SEL058J9, SEL068J1, SEL068J9, SEL092J0, SEL092J1, SEL068P1, SEL066J1, SEL066J9, SEL090J0, SEL090J1, SEL066P1, SEL074J0, SEL074J1, SEL074J9, SEL076J1, SEL076J9, SEL072J0, SEL072J1, SEL072J9, SEL070J1, SEL070J9, SEL094J0, SEL094J1, SEL070P1, SEL082J1, SEL082P0, SEL082P1, SEL082P9, SEL080P1, SEL080P9, SEL077P1, SEL077P9, SEL078J1, SEL078P1, SEL078P9, SEL084P0, SEL084P1, SEL084P9, SEL111P1, SEL111P9, SEL114P1, SEL114P9, SEL116P1, SEL116P9, SEL112P1, SEL112P9, CAZ010J0, CAZ010J1, CAZ010J9, CAZ008J0, CAZ008J1, CAZ008J9, SSZR001, SSZR0011, SAGW001, SAGW0011, SAGW001J, SBKW002J, SBKW001, SBKW002, SBKW0011, SEL028J1, SEL028J9, SEL030J1, SEL030J9, SEL088J1, SEL027J1, SEL027J9, SEL032J0, SEL032J1, SEL032J9, SEL036J1, SEL046J1, SEL046J9, SEL040J1, SEL040J9, SEL036J3, SEL036J9, SEL033J1, SEL033J9, SEL042J1, SEL042J9, SEL038J1, SEL038J9, SCLX001, SCLX0011, SEL050J1, SEL052J1, SEL048J1, SEL062J1, SEL064J1, KOREA SV, SBCN003, SBCN0031, SBCN003J, SBCN005, SBCN0051, SBCN001, SBCN0011, SHJ008J1, SHJ008J9, SHJ001J1, SHJ001J9, SHJ003J1, SHJ003J9, SHJ005J1, SHJ005J9, SEK005J1, SEK005J3, SEK005J8, SEK005J9, SEK004J1, SEK004J8, SEK004J9, SEK002J1, SEK002J8, SEK002J9, SEK001J1, SEK001J8, SEK001J9, SEK006J1, SEK006J3, SEK006J8, SEK006J9, SCRD005, SCRD0051, SCRD007, SCRD0071, SBBZ001, SBBZ0011, SBBZ002, SBBZ0021, SHG002J1, SHG002J9, SAKY009, SAKY0091, SAKY007, SAKY0071, SAKY00C, SAKY00C1, SAKY011, SAKY0111, SBBZ003, SBBZ0031, SBBZ005, SBBZ0051, SBBZ004, SBBZ0041, SAKY013, SAKY0131, SAKY015, SAKY0151, SAKY017, SAKY0171, SCER001, SCER0011, SCER003, SCER0031, SCER005, SCER0051, SBBZ007, SBBZ0071, SBBZ009, SBBZ0091, SBBZ006, SBBZ0061, SAKY001, SAKY0011, SAKY003, SAKY0031, SAKY005, SAKY0051, SHG003J0, SHG005J0, SHG005J1, SHG003J1, SHG003P0, SHG003P1, SHG005P0, SHG005P1, SHG021P0, SHG023P0, SAWR003, SAWR0031, SAWR001, SAWR0011, SCFR001, SCFR0011, SCFR003, SCFR0031, SCFR00C, SCFR00C1, FBLA994, FBLA993, FBLA992, SBBP01M, SBBP01M1, SBBP01V, SBBP01V1, SDWG53P1, SDWG55P1, SBCL00C, SBCL00C1, SDWB67P1, SDWB67P5, SDWA03P1, SDWA04J1, SDWA04P1, SDWA25P1, SDWA25P9, SDW793J1, SDW795J1, SDW793P1, SDW795P1, SDW794J1, SDW796J1, SDW796J6, SDW794P1, SDW796P1, SDW796P6, SDWA06P1, SDWA06P3, SDWA08J1, SDWA08P1, SDWA69P1, SDWA72P1, SDWA70P1, SCZT001, SCZT0011, SCZT001J, SCZT003, SCZT0031, SCZT003J, SCZT007, SCZT0071, SCZT007J, SCZT00C, SCZT00C1, SCZT005, SCZT0051, SCZT005J, SDWG15J1, SDWG15P1, SDWG15P3, SDWG17J1, SDWG17P1, SDWG19P1, SDWG29P1, SCDL001, SCDL0011, SCDL003, SCDL0031, SDW003J1, SDW003J8, SDW003J9, SDW006J1, SDW006J8, SDW006J9, SDW020J1, SDW020J8, SDW020J9, CAW002J1, CAW002J8, CAW002J9, SBBP02C, CAW004J1, CAW004J8, CAW004J9, SDW007J0, SDW007J1, SDW007J3, SDW007J8, SDW007J9, SDW505J1, SDW505P0, SDW505P1, SDW505P9, SDW665P1, SDW007P1, SDW007P3, SDW007P9, SDW012J1, SDW012J3, SDW012J5, SDW012J6, SDW012J8, SDW012J9, SDW036J1, SDW038J0, SDW038J1, SDW038J8, SDW038J9, SDW512J1, SDW656P1, SDW554P1, SDW512P0, SDW512P1, SDW512P9, SDW666P1, SDW766P1, SDW012P1, SDW012P3, SDW012P5, SDW012P6, SDW012P9, SDW036P0, SDW036P1, SDW036P3, SDW036P5, SDW036P6, SDW038P1, SDW008J1, SDW008J3, SDW008J8, SDW008J9, SDW508J1, SDW668P1, SDW584P1, SDW550P1, SDW508P1, SDW508P9, SDW008P1, SDW008P3, SDW008P9, SDW576P0, SDW576P1, SDW576P9, SDW040J0, SDW040J1, SDW040J9, SDW040P0, SDW040P1, SDW040P9, SDW578P0, SDW578P1, SDW578P9, SDW009J1, SDW009J3, SDW009J8, SDW009J9, SDW041J1, SDW041J9, SDW507P1, SDW507P9, SDW009P1, SDW009P3, SDW009P5, SDW009P9, SDW010J1, SDW010J6, SDW010J8, SDW010J9, SDW510J1, SDW552P1, SDW444P1, SDW444P6, SDW510P1, SDW510P9, SDW010P1, SDW010P6, SDW010P9, SDW166J1, SDW166J3, SDW474J1, SDW474J3, SDW011J1, SDW011J3, SDW011J8, SDW011J9, SDW035J1, SDW035J8, SDW035J9, SDW031J1, SDW031J8, SDW031J9, SDW511J1, SDW511P0, SDW511P1, SDW511P9, SDW280J1, SDW282J1, SDW280P1, SDW282P1, SDW276J1, SDW278J1, SDW276P1, SDW278P1, SDW033J1, SDW033J8, SDW033J9, SDW462P1, SDW464P1, SDW458P1, SDW460P1, SDW466P1, CAW007J1, CAW007J8, CAW007J9, CAW008J1, CAW008J8, CAW008J9, CAW012J1, CAW012J8, CAW012J9, CAW010J1, CAW010J8, CAW010J9, CAW009J1, CAW009J8, CAW009J9, SDW025J1, SDW025J8, SDW025J9, SDW026J1, SDW026J8, SDW026J9, SDW023J1, SDW023J8, SDW023J9, CAW016J1, CAW016J8, CAW016J9, CAW018J1, CAW018J8, CAW018J9, CAW020J1, CAW020J8, CAW020J9, CAW026J1, CAW026J9, CAW022J0, CAW022J1, CAW022J9, CAW024J0, CAW024J1, CAW024J9, SDW761P1, SDW044J1, SDW764J1, SDW764P1, SDW762J1, SDW762P1, SDW045J0, SDW045J1, SDW045J3, SDW045J9, SDW045P1, SDW045P3, SDW045P9, SDW050J0, SDW050J1, SDW050J2, SDW050J9, SDW050P1, SDW050P2, SDW050P9, SDW048J0, SDW048J1, SDW048J9, SDW048P1, SDW048P9, SDW046J0, SDW046J1, SDW046J3, SDW046J9, SDW046P1, SDW046P3, SDW046P9, SDW067J1, SDW067J9, SDW069J1, SDW069J9, SDW387J1, SDW065J1, SDW065J9, SDW135J1, SDW137J1, SDW070J1, SDW070J3, SDW070J9, SDW076J1, SDW076J3, SDW076J9, SDW074J1, SDW074J9, SDW084J0, SDW084J1, SDW084J3, SDW084J9, SDW136J1, SDW072J1, SDW072J3, SDW072J9, SDW118J1, SDW156J1, SDW228J1, SDW228J9, SDW228P1, SDW126J3, SDW321J0, SDW321J1, SDW321J9, SDW321P1, SDW321P9, SDW084P0, SDW084P1, SDW084P9, SDW262J0, SDW262J1, SDW262J9, SDW262P0, SDW262P1, SDW262P9, SDW126J0, SDW126J1, SDW126J9, SDW230J0, SDW230J1, SDW230J9, SDW716P0, SDW716P1, SDW230P0, SDW230P1, SDW266J1, SDW266J9, SDW268J1, SDW268J9, SDW102J1, SDW102J9, SDW100J0, SDW100J1, SDW100J9, SDW098J0, SDW098J1, SDW098J3, SDW098J9, SDW096J1, SDW096J3, SDW096J9, SDW094J1, SDW094J9, SDW171J1, SDW171J9, SDW172J0, SDW172J1, SDW172J9, SDW174J1, SDW174J9, SDW718P0, SDW718P1, SDW154J1, SDW152J1, SDW326J1, SDW326P1, SDW120J0, SDW120J1, SDW120J9, SDW120P0, SDW120P1, SDW120P9, SDW124J0, SDW124J1, SDW124J9, SDW124P0, SDW124P1, SDW124P9, SDW122J0, SDW122J1, SDW122J9, SDW122P0, SDW122P1, SDW122P9, SDW176J1, SDW176J9, SDW198J1, SDW198J9, SDW320J1, SDW320P1, SDW150J0, SDW150J1, SDW150J9, SDW139J1, SDW116J1, SDW116J3, SDW116J9, SDW116P1, SDW116P3, SDW116P9, SDW114J1, SDW114J3, SDW114J9, SDW114P1, SDW114P3, SDW114P9, SDW586J1, SDW112J1, SDW112J3, SDW112J9, SDW112P1, SDW112P3, SDW112P9, SDW110J1, SDW110J3, SDW110J9, SDW110P1, SDW110P3, SDW110P9, SDW140J1, SDW142J1, SDW144J1, SDW142P1, SDW149J1, SDW149P1, SDW146J1, SDW148J1, SDW158J0, SDW158J1, SDW162J0, SDW162J1, SDW168J0, SDW168J1, SDW186J1, SDW186J9, SDW183J1, SDW183J9, SDW185J1, SDW185J9, SDW252J0, SDW252J1, SDW252P1, SDW572P0, SDW572P1, SDW250J0, SDW250J1, SDW250P1, SDW570P0, SDW570P1, SDW243J1, SDW254J0, SDW254J1, SDW254P1, SDW574P0, SDW574P1, SDW2483, SDW248J0, SDW248J1, SDW248P1, SDW568P0, SDW568P1, SDW565J0, SDW565J1, 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SDW588P1, SDW588P2, SDW588P3, SDW588P9, SDW720P1, SDW548P1, SDW548P9, SDW546P1, SDW546P9, SDW542P1, SDW542P9, SDW660P0, SDW660P1, SDW659P0, SDW659P1, SDW657P0, SDW657P1, SDW657P9, SDW636J1, SDW638J1, SDW642J1, SDW644J1, SDW640J1, SDW640P0, SDW640P1, SDW640P3, SDW640P9, SDW644P1, SDW644P3, SDW644P9, SDW636P1, SDW636P9, SDW638P1, SDW638P9, SDW642P1, SDW642P3, SDW642P9, SDW633J1, SDW635J1, SDW635P1, SDW635P9, SDW633P1, SDW633P9, SDWB11P1, SDW679P1, SDW679P11, SDW679P3, SDW677P1, SDW703P0, SDW703P1, SDW703P9, SDWB28P1, SDWB28P9, SDW680P1, SDW680P3, SDW704P0, SDW704P1, SDW704P9, SBBP019, SBBP0191, SDW700P1, SDW708P0, SDW708P1, SDW708P9, SDW697P1, SDW695P1, SDW698P1, SDW706P0, SDW706P1, SDW706P9, SDW693P1, SDW693P3, SDW687P1, SDW694P1, SDW690P1, SDW714P1, SDW688P1, SDW688P3, SDW712P1, CAW036J0, CAW036J1, CAW036J9, SDW747P1, SDW748J1, SDWA96P1, SDW748P1, SDW760P0, SDW760P1, SDW760P9, SDW740J1, SDW740P0, SDW740P1, SDW740P3, SDW740P5, SDW739J1, SDW739P0, SDW739P1, SDW739P3, SDW739P5, SDWA34P1, SDWA34P9, SDW751P1, SDW754J1, SDW754J3, SDW756J1, SDW756P1, SDW754P1, SDW754P3, SDW721P1, SDWA14P1, SDW724J1, SDW724P1, SDW722J1, SDW722P1, SDW768P1, SDW770P1, SDW772P1, SDW774P1, SDWA26P1, SDWA26P7, SDWA26P9, SDWB13J1, SDWB13P1, SDWA27P0, SDWA27P1, SDWA27P3, SDWA28J1, SDWA98P1, SDWA28P1, SDWA28P3, SDWA09P1, SDWA12P1, SDWA10P1, SDWA10P3, SDWA31J1, SDWA87J1, SDWA85J1, SDWA99J1, SDWC53P1, SDWC59P1, SDWC55P1, SDWC57P1, SDWC61P0, SDWC61P1, SDWC61P2, SDWA99P1, SDWA87P0, SDWA87P1, SDWA87P9, SDWA85P1, SDWA85P3, SDWA85P9, SDWA29P1, SDWA29P9, SDWA31P1, SDWA31P3, SDWA31P9, SDWA30J1, SDWA30P1, SDWA30P9, SDWA32P1, SDWA35P1, SDWA37J1, SDWA37P1, SDWA81J1, SDWA83J1, SDWA81P1, SDWA83P1, SDWA91P1, SDWA91P9, SDWA93P1, SDWA93P9, SBBP041, SBBP037, SBBP00V, SBBP039, SBBP043, SBBP047, SBBP045, SDW599P1, SDW599P9, SDW605P1, SDWC10P1, SDWC19P1, SDWC17P1, SDWC17P3, SDWC15P1, SDWC13P1, SDWC16P1, SDWC16P9, SDWC64P1, SDWC64P3, SDWC64P9, SDWC63P1, SDWC63P9, SDWC69P1, SDWC67P1, SDWC67P3, SDWC65P1, SDWC75P1, SDWC71P1, SDWC71P3, SDWC73P1, SDWC73P9, SDWC79P1, SDWC81P1, SDWC83P1, SDWC85J1, SDWC85P1, SDWC85P9, SDWC87J1, SDWC87P1, SBBP049, SBBP0491, SBBP051, SBBP0511, SBBP053, SBBP0531, SBBP055, SBBP0551, SDWD37P1, SDWD33P1, SDWD35P1, SSVT001, SSVT0011, SSVT001J, SSVT003, SSVT0031, SSVT005, SSVT0051, SSVT007, SSVT0071, SDWD55P1, SDWD55P9, SDWD53P1, SDWD53P9, SDWD51P1, SDWD51P9, SDWD30P1, SDWD29P1, SDWD27P1, SDWD25P1, SDWD31P1, SDWD65P1, SDWD63P1, SDWD91P1, SDWD87P1, SDWD89P1, SDWD85P1, SDWE13P1, SDWE07J1, SDWE15J1, SDWE09P1, SDWE15P1, SDWE07P1, SBBP065, SBBP0651, SBBP067, SBBP0671, SBBP067J, SBBP069, SBBP0691, SDWE59J1, SDWE61J1, SDWE63J1, SDWE61P1, SDWE63P1, SDWF39P1, SDWE59P1, SDWE66P1, SDWE64P1, SDWE67J1, SDWE69J1, SDWE71J1, SDWF23P1, SDWF29P1, SDWF25P1, SDWE69P1, SDWE67P1, SDWF21P1, SDWF37P1, SDWE71P1, SDWF27P1, SDWF10P1, SDWE74P1, SDWE72P1, SDWE47J1, SDWE49J1, SDWE51J1, SDWE55J1, SDWF91P1, SDWE55P1, SDWE55P2, SDWE53P1, SDWE51P1, SDWE49P1, SDWE47P1, SDWE79J1, SDWE75P1, SDWE77P1, SDWE79P1, SDWF92P1, SDWG59P1, SDWF31P1, SDWF31P9, SDWG58P1, SDWG56P1, SDWG06P9, SDWF20P1, SDWF20P9, SDWF16P1, SDWF16P9, SDWF14P1, SDWF14P9, SDWF17P1, SDWF17P9, SDWF18P1, SDWF18P9, SDWF41J1, SDWF43J1, SDWF45J1, SDWF43P1, SDWF45P1, SDWF41P1, SDWF57P1, SDWF57P9, SDWF73P1, SDWF73P9, SDWF72B1, SDWF72P1, SDWF72P9, SDWG60P1, SDWG04P9, SDWG42P1, SDWG61P1, SBBP075, SBBP0751, SBBP075J, SDWF83P1, SDWF83P9, SDWF83J1, SDWF75J1, SDWF75JY, SDWF77J1, SDWF75P1, SDWF77P1, SDWF81J1, SDWF81JY, SDWF81P1, SDWG01P1, SDWG01P2, SDWG31P1, SDWG02P1, SDWG02P2, SDWG30P1, SDWF99P1, SDWF99P2, SDWF97P1, SDWF95P1, SDWG07B1, SDWG07BC, SDWG07P1, SDWG11P1, SDWG32P9, SDWG37P9, SDWG35P1, SDWG35P9, SDWG36P1, SDWG36P9, PSZ491P1, PSZ493P1, SDW004J1, SDW004J8, SDW004J9, SDW002J1, SDW002J8, SDW002J9, CAW032J0, CAW032J1, CAW032J9, CAW006J1, CAW006J9, SDW013J1, SDW013J8, SDW013J9, SDW013P1, SDW013P9, SDW018J1, SDW018J8, SDW018J9, SDW018P1, SDW018P9, SDW014J1, SDW014J8, SDW014J9, SDW014P1, SDW014P9, SDW016J1, SDW016J8, SDW016J9, SDW016P1, SDW016P9, CAW014J0, CAW014J1, CAW014J3, CAW014J8, CAW014J9, SDW263J1, SDW064J1, SDW330J1, SDW330P1, SDW042J1, SDW042J9, SDW132J0, SDW132J1, SDW132J9, SDW132P1, SDW132P9, SDW329J1, SDW329P1, SDW060J1, SDW062J1, SDW056J0, SDW056J1, SDW056J3, SDW056J9, SDW058J1, SDW058J3, SDW054J0, SDW054J1, SDW054J9, SDW081J1, SDW081J9, SDW081P0, SDW081P1, SDW081P9, SDW082J1, SDW082J9, SDW082P1, SDW082P9, SDW077J1, SDW077J9, SDW077P1, SDW077P9, SDW088J1, SDW088J9, SDW086J1, SDW086J9, SDW130J0, SDW130J1, SDW128J0, SDW128J1, SDW128J9, SDW090J1, SDW090J9, SDW275J1, SDW272J1, SDW274J1, SDW134J0, SDW134J1, SDW134J9, SDW134P1, SDW134P9, SDW151J1, SDW273J1, SDW180J1, SDW180J9, SDW177J1, SDW177J9, SDW178J1, SDW178J9, SDW187J1, SDW187J9, SDW191J1, SDW187P1, SDW187P9, SDW190J1, SDW190J9, SDW194J1, SDW318J1, SDW452J1, SDW318P1, SDW188J1, SDW188J9, SDW264J1, SDW450J1, SDW192J1, SDW192J9, SDW454J1, SDW196J1, SDW196J3, SDW196J9, SDW456J1, SDW196P1, SDW196P3, SDW233J1, SDW233J9, SDW236J1, SDW236J9, SDW234J1, SDW234J3, SDW234J9, SDW244J1, SDW244J3, SDW244J9, SDW430J1, SDW242J1, SDW242J9, SDW372J1, SDW370J1, SDW370P1, SDW370P9, SDW372P1, SDW372P9, SDW405P0, SDW405P1, SDW405P3, SDW405P9, SDW407P1, SDW407P9, SDW353P0, SDW353P1, SDW353P9, SDW351P0, SDW351P1, SDW351P9, SDW524P1, SDW420P1, SDW420P3, SDW468P1, SDW468P3, SDW418P1, SDW418P9, SDW422P1, SDW408P0, SDW408P1, SDW408P3, SDW408P9, SDW410P0, SDW410P1, SDW410P3, SDW410P9, SDW412P0, SDW412P1, SDW412P9, SDW356P1, SDW356P9, SDW362P1, SDW362P9, SDW358P1, SDW358P3, SDW358P9, SDW360P1, SDW360P3, SDW360P9, SDW470P1, SDW416P1, SDW404P1, SDW352P1, SDW352P9, SDW354P1, SDW354P9, SCEP002, SCEP0021, SCEP001, SCEP0011, SDWB09P1, SDW613P1, SDW613P9, SDW615P1, SDW615P3, SDW615P9, SDW614P1, SDW614P9, SDW616P1, SDW616P6, SDW616P9, SDW594P1, SDW598P1, SDW592P1, SDWB95P1, SDWB05P1, SDWB07P0, SDWB07P1, SDWB07P5, SDWB07P6, SDWB93P1, SDW609P1, SDW609P9, SDW611P1, SDW611P6, SDW611P9, SDW610P1, SDW610P9, SDW612P1, SDW612P3, SDW612P5, SDW612P6, SDW612P9, SDWB96P1, CAW034J1, CAW034J3, CAW034J9, SDW725J1, SDW725J3, SDW729J1, SDWB15J1, SDW737J1, SDWB21J1, SDWB23J1, SDWB19J1, SDWE29P1, SDWE27P1, SDWC77P1, SDWB45P1, SDWB41P1, SDWB39P1, SDWB19P1, SDWB33P1, SDW789P1, SDW789P3, SDW789P5, SDW777P1, SDW779P1, SDWB23P1, SDW775P1, SDW783P1, SDW783P3, SDWB21P1, SDWB29P1, SDW737P1, SDW791P1, SDW725P1, SDW725P3, SDW729P1, SDW729P3, SDWB15P1, SDWB31P1, SDWB43P1, SDW728J1, SDW730J1, SDW732J1, SDW734J1, SDW736J1, SDW786P1, SDW736P1, SDW732P1, SDW734P1, SDW734P3, SDW730P1, SDW728P1, SDW726J1, SDWB24J1, SDWB26J1, SDWB16J1, SDWB16J3, SDWB20J1, SDW792P1, SDWB20P1, SDW788P1, SDW790P1, SDWB16P1, SDWB18P1, SDWB36P1, SDWB36P3, SDW782P1, SDW784P1, SDWB26P1, SDWB26P2, SDWB26P3, SDWB38P1, SDW726P1, SDW726P3, SDW780P1, SDWB24P1, SDWB34P1, SDWB89P1, SDWB89P9, SDWC50P1, SDWC50P9, SDWB90P1, SDWB90P9, SDW744P0, SDW744P1, SDW742J1, SDW742P1, SZQT001, SZQT0011, SDW741P1, SDW746J1, SDW746P0, SDW746P1, SDW746P3, SDWA01J1, SDWA01P1, SDWA23P1, SDWA23P9, SDW798J1, SDW798P1, SDWA46P1, SDWB02P1, SDWA44P1, SDWA94P1, SDWA94P9, SDWA61P1, SDWB03P1, SDWB03P3, SDWA89P1, SDWA89P9, SDWG41P9, SDWA43P1, SDWA41P1, SDWA65P1, SDWA48J1, SDWA52J1, SDWA48P1, SDWA52P1, SDWA47J1, SDWA47P1, SDWA50J1, SDWA50P1, SDWA50P3, SDWB27P1, SBBP033, SBBP0331, SBBP035, SBBP0351, SDWB83P1, SDWB83P9, SDWB81P1, SDWB81P9, SDWB55P1, SDWB55P5, SDWB56J1, SDWB58P1, SDWB58P5, SDWB56P1, SDWB56P5, SDWB85P1, SDWB85P9, SDWB86P1, SDWB86P9, SDWB65P1, SDWB65P3, SDWB63P1, SDWB87P1, SDWB87P9, SDWB80P1, SDWB80P3, SDWB71P1, SDWB73P1, SDWB75P1, SDWB77P1, SDWB77P3, SDWB77P5, SDWC93P1, SDWC95P1, SDWC97P1, SDWC99P1, SDWB70P1, SDWB72P1, SDWB74P1, SDWB76P1, SDWC98P1, SDWB91P1, SDWB91P5, SDWB61P1, SDWB61P3, SDWB61P5, SDWA16P1, SDWA15P1, SDWB98P1, SDWB98P3, SDWC51P1, SDWC02P1, SDWC47P1, SDWC47P9, SDWC48P1, SDWC48P9, SDWC41P1, SDWC39P1, SDWC35P1, SDWC38P1, SDWC42P1, SDWC29P0, SDWC29P1, SDWC29P1A, SDWC29PA, SDWC31P1, SDWC91P1, SDWC91P9, SDWC89P1, SDWC89P9, SCFL009, SCFL0091, SCFL021, SCFL0211, SCFL011, SCFL0111, SCFL023, SCFL0231, SDWC45P1, SDWC45P9, SDWC03P1, SDWC03P3, SDWC04P1, SDWC04P3, SDWC05P1, SDWC06P1, SDWC07P1, SDWC08P1, SDWD15J1, SDWD17J1, SDWD17P1, SDWD15P1, SDWD16J1, SDWE26P1, SDWD16P1, SDWF03P1, SDWF03P9, SDWD23P1, SDWD19P1, SDWE35P1, SDWE35P9, SDWE17P1, SDWE17P9, SDWD49P1, SDWD49P9, SDWD47P1, SDWD47P9, SDWF33P1, SDWF35P1, SDWF13P1, SDWF11P1, SDWE39P1, SDWE37P1, SDWE41P1, SDWD61P1, SDWD61P3, SDWD61PC, SDWD59P1, SDWD59P3, SDWD59PC, SDWD57P1, SDWD57P3, SDWE03P1, SDWE05P1, SDWE01P1, SDWD99P1, SDWD97P1, SDWD95P1, SDWD93P1, SDWD71P1, SDWD83P1, SDWD81P1, SDWD73P1, SDWD69P1, SDWD67P1, SDWD78P1, SDWD76P1, SDWD74P1, SDWE23P1, SDWE21P1, SDWE19P1, SDWE25P1, SDWB69P1, SDWB69P5, SBBP061, SBBP0611, SBBP059, SBBP0591, SBBP063, SBBP0631, SBBP02E, SBBP02E1, SDWE43P1, SDWE43P9, SDWE45P1, SDWE45P9, SDWE81J1, SDWE81JY, SDWE81P1, SDWE81P3, SDWE83P1, SDWE83P3, SDWE84J1, SDWE84JY, SDWF38P1, SDWE84P1, SDWE84P3, SDWE85J1, SDWE89J1, SDWE91J1, SDWE91P1, SDWE89P1, SDWE87P1, SDWE85P1, SDWE93J1, SDWE93JA, SDWE95J1, SDWE97J1, SDWE97JA, SDWE99P1, SDWE97P1, SDWE95P1, SDWE93P1, SDWF02P1, SDWF02P9, SDWF05P1, SDWF05P3, SDWF07P1, SDWF07P3, SDWF09P1, SDWF09P3, SDWF08P1, SBBP071, SBBP0711, SBBP071J, SBBP073, SBBP0731, SBBP073J, SDWF49J1, SDWF51J1, SDWF53J1, SDWF55J1, SZQT005, SZQT0051, SDWF55P1, SDWF53P1, SDWF51P1, SDWF49P1, SCFG001, SCFG0011, SCFG003, SCFG0031, SCFG005, SCFG0051, SCDL005, SCDL0051, SDWG40P9, SDWF85P1, SDWF86P1, SDWF86P9, SCDL007, SCDL0071, SDWF89P0, SDWF89P1, SDWF90P0, SDWF90P1, SCKT003, SCKT0031, SDWG43P9, SDWG21P1, SDWG21J1, SCKT001, SCKT0011, SDWG45P9, SDWG23B1, SDWG23P1, SDWG23J1, SDWG47P9, SDWG25P1, SDWG25P3, SDWG25J1, SDWG27P1, SDWG49P1, SDWG51P1, SDWG34P1, SDWG34P9, SDWG34PC, SDWG39P1, PSZ501P1, SCFL001, SCFL0011, SCFL005, SCFL0051, SCFL003, SCFL0031, SCFL00E, SCFL00E1, SCFL007, SCFL0071, SCFL00C, SCFL00C1, SCFL00F, SCFL00F1, SCFL015, SCFL0151, SCFL019, SCFL0191, SCFL017, SCFL0171, SCFL00G, SCFL00G1, SDW205F1, SDW205P1, SDW205P9, SDW208F1, SDW208P1, SDW208P9




This watch part is compatible with the following watch case numbers:

5T12-7A00, 5T12-7A10, 5T12-7A20, 5T12-7A29, 5T12-7A39, 5T12-7A3F, 5T12-7A3H, 5T32-6A29, 5T32-6A39, 5T32-6A40, 5T32-7A00, 5T32-7A10, 5T32-7A20, 5T32-7A30, 5T32-7A40, 5T32-7A4A, 5T32-7A50, 5T50-6A09, 5T52-0010, 5T52-20, 5T52-0AA0, 5T52-0AB0, 5T52-0AC0, 5T52-6A00, 5T52-6A01, 5T52-6A0A, 5T52-6A10, 5T52-6A18, 5T52-6A19, 5T52-6A20, 5T52-6A28, 5T52-6A30, 5T52-6A38, 5T52-6A39, 5T52-6A40, 5T52-6A41, 5T52-6A50, 5T52-6A51, 5T52-6A5A, 5T52-6A5J, 5T52-6A79, 5T52-6A80, 5T52-6A99, 5T52-6A9H, 5T52-6B08, 5T52-6B09, 5T52-6B10, 5T52-6B1A, 5T52-6B20, 5T52-6B29, 5T52-6B2A, 5T52-6B30, 5T52-6B39, 5T52-6B40, 5T52-6B50, 5T52-6B60, 5T52-6B80, 5T52-6B90, 5T52-7A00, 5T52-7A01, 5T52-7A0A, 5T52-7A10, 5T52-7A11, 5T52-7A18, 5T52-7A19, 5T52-7A20, 5T52-7A21, 5T52-7A28, 5T52-7A29, 5T52-7A2A, 5T52-7A2J, 5T52-7A30, 5T52-7A40, 5T52-7A41, 5T52-7A4A, 5T52-7A4J, 5T52-7A4K, 5T52-7A50, 7K32-0A10, 7K32-0A20, 7K36-6A00, 7T22-6A00, 7T22-6A0A, 7T22-6A0B, 7T24-7A00, 7T24-7A0A, 7T24-7A0B, 7T27-6000, 7T27-6010, 7T27-6A00, 7T27-6A10, 7T27-6A20, 7T27-6A30, 7T27-6A50, 7T27-6A60, 7T27-6A70, 7T27-7A00, 7T27-7A10, 7T27-7A20, 7T27-7A30, 7T27-7A40, 7T32-0AA0, 7T32-0AB0, 7T32-0AC0, 7T32-0AD0, 7T32-0AF0, 7T32-4G40, 7T32-5A00, 7T32-5A09, 7T32-5A10, 7T32-5A20, 7T32-5A30, 7T32-5A40, 7T32-5A50, 7T32-5A60, 7T32-5A70, 7T32-6000, 7T32-6A00, 7T32-6A0A, 7T32-6A39, 7T32-6A40, 7T32-6A49, 7T32-6A50, 7T32-6A59, 7T32-6A5A, 7T32-6A5B, 7T32-6A5C, 7T32-6A5E, 7T32-6A5F, 7T32-6A69, 7T32-6A6H, 7T32-6A79, 7T32-6A7H, 7T32-6A90, 7T32-6A9A, 7T32-6B09, 7T32-6B19, 7T32-6B29, 7T32-6B39, 7T32-6B40, 7T32-6B50, 7T32-6B5A, 7T32-6B60, 7T32-6B6A, 7T32-6B6B, 7T32-6B70, 7T32-6B79, 7T32-6B7A, 7T32-6B80, 7T32-6B89, 7T32-6B8A, 7T32-6B8F, 7T32-6B8H, 7T32-6B90, 7T32-6B9A, 7T32-6B9B, 7T32-6B9C, 7T32-6C00, 7T32-6C09, 7T32-6C0A, 7T32-6C19, 7T32-6C20, 7T32-6C30, 7T32-6C40, 7T32-6C50, 7T32-6C5A, 7T32-6C60, 7T32-6C6A, 7T32-6C70, 7T32-6C7A, 7T32-6C80, 7T32-6C8A, 7T32-6C90, 7T32-6C9A, 7T32-6D00, 7T32-6D0A, 7T32-6D10, 7T32-6D1A, 7T32-6D30, 7T32-6D39, 7T32-6D3A, 7T32-6D40, 7T32-6D4A, 7T32-6D50, 7T32-6D60, 7T32-6D70, 7T32-6D80, 7T32-6D90, 7T32-6D9A, 7T32-6D9B, 7T32-6D9C, 7T32-6D9E, 7T32-6D9F, 7T32-6E00, 7T32-6E0A, 7T32-6E0B, 7T32-6E1A, 7T32-6F00, 7T32-6F10, 7T32-6F20, 7T32-6F39, 7T32-6F59, 7T32-6F69, 7T32-6F70, 7T32-6F90, 7T32-6G00, 7T32-6G10, 7T32-6G20, 7T32-6G30, 7T32-6G40, 7T32-6G43, 7T32-6G50, 7T32-6G60, 7T32-6G70, 7T32-6G79, 7T32-6G80, 7T32-6G89, 7T32-6G90, 7T32-6H00, 7T32-6H10, 7T32-6H20, 7T32-6H39, 7T32-6H40, 7T32-6H50, 7T32-6H60, 7T32-6H70, 7T32-6H80, 7T32-6H90, 7T32-6H99, 7T32-6J00, 7T32-6J10, 7T32-6J20, 7T32-6J30, 7T32-6J40, 7T32-6J50, 7T32-6J60, 7T32-6J70, 7T32-6J79, 7T32-6J80, 7T32-6J90, 7T32-6K00, 7T32-6K10, 7T32-6K19, 7T32-6K20, 7T32-6K30, 7T32-6K40, 7T32-6K50, 7T32-6K60, 7T32-6K70, 7T32-6K80, 7T32-6K99, 7T32-6L09, 7T32-6L10, 7T32-6L20, 7T32-6L30, 7T32-6L40, 7T32-6L50, 7T32-6L60, 7T32-6L70, 7T32-6L80, 7T32-6L90, 7T32-6M00, 7T32-6M10, 7T32-6M20, 7T32-6M30, 7T32-6M40, 7T32-6M49, 7T32-6M59, 7T32-6M69, 7T32-6M79, 7T32-6M80, 7T32-6M89, 7T32-6M90, 7T32-6N00, 7T32-6N10, 7T32-6N20, 7T32-6N30, 7T32-6N40, 7T32-6N50, 7T32-6N60, 7T32-6N70, 7T32-7A00, 7T32-7A09, 7T32-7A10, 7T32-7A19, 7T32-7A20, 7T32-7A2A, 7T32-7A39, 7T32-7A40, 7T32-7A49, 7T32-7A4A, 7T32-7A50, 7T32-7A60, 7T32-7A6A, 7T32-7A70, 7T32-7A7B, 7T32-7A80, 7T32-7A89, 7T32-7A8A, 7T32-7A8B, 7T32-7A8C, 7T32-7A99, 7T32-7B00, 7T32-7B0A, 7T32-7B20, 7T32-7B30, 7T32-7B3A, 7T32-7B3B, 7T32-7B40, 7T32-7B4A, 7T32-7B70, 7T32-7B80, 7T32-7C00, 7T32-7C20, 7T32-7C30, 7T32-7C40, 7T32-7C46, 7T32-7C50, 7T32-7C60, 7T32-7C69, 7T32-7C70, 7T32-7C80, 7T32-7C89, 7T32-7C90, 7T32-7D00, 7T32-7D09, 7T32-7D10, 7T32-7D19, 7T32-7D20, 7T32-7D29, 7T32-7D30, 7T32-7D40, 7T32-7D50, 7T32-7D60, 7T32-7D79, 7T32-7D80, 7T32-7D89, 7T32-7D90, 7T32-7D99, 7T32-7E00 , 7T32-7F09, 7T32-7F10, 7T32-7F20, 7T32-7F30, 7T32-7F40, 7T32-7F49, 7T32-7F50, 7T32-7F69, 7T32-7F70, 7T32-7F80, 7T32-7F90, 7T32-7G00, 7T32-7G10, 7T32-7G20, 7T32-7G30, 7T32-7G40, 7T32-7G50, 7T32-7G5A, 7T32-7G69, 7T32-7G79, 7T32-7G80, 7T32-7G90, 7T32-7H00, 7T32-7H10, 7T32-7H29, 7T32-7H30, 7T32-7H40, 7T32-7H50, 7T32-7H60, 7T32-7H70, 7T32-7H80, 7T32-7H90, 7T32-7J10, 7T32-9000, 7T32-F010, 7T32-F01A, 7T32-F020, 7T32-F039, 7T32-F03H, 7T32-F050, 7T32-F060, 7T32-F069, 7T32-F070, 7T32-F079, 7T32-F080, 7T32-X001, 7T34-0010, 7T34-0AA0, 7T34-6A00, 7T34-6A09, 7T34-6A0A, 7T34-6A0B, 7T34-6A0F, 7T34-6A0H, 7T34-6A20, 7T34-6A30, 7T34-6A40, 7T34-6A50, 7T34-6A60, 7T34-6A70, 7T34-6A80, 7T34-6A90, 7T34-6B00, 7T34-7A00, 7T34-7A10, 7T34-7A1A, 7T34-7A20, 7T34-7A2A, 7T34-7A2B, 7T34-7A30, 7T34-7A3A, 7T34-7A3B, 7T34-7A40, 7T34-7A50, 7T34-7A60, 7T34-8A00, 7T34-8A10, 7T34-SGPW, 7T36-6A00, 7T36-6A10, 7T36-6A1A, 7T36-6A20, 7T36-6A29, 7T36-6A30, 7T36-6A39, 7T36-6A3A, 7T36-6A40, 7T36-6A4A, 7T36-6A50, 7T36-6A60, 7T36-6A70, 7T36-6A80, 7T36-6A90, 7T36-7A00, 7T36-7A10, 7T36-7A20, 7T39-6A09, 7T39-6A10, 7T39-6A20, 7T39-6A30, 7T39-7A00, 7T39-7A10, 7T39-7A20, 7T42-6A00, 7T42-6A0A, 7T42-6A0B, 7T42-6A10, 7T42-6A20, 7T42-6A49, 7T42-6A50, 7T42-6A5A, 7T42-6A60, 7T42-6A6A, 7T42-7A00, 7T42-7A10, 7T42-7A20, 7T42-7A2A, 7T42-7A39, 7T42-7A40, 7T42-7A4A, 7T42-7A4B, 7T42-7A50, 7T42-7A5A, 7T42-7A5B, 7T42-F010, 7T42-F01A, 7T44-6A00, 7T52-6000, 7T52-6A00, 7T52-6A0A, 7T52-6A10, 7T52-6A20, 7T52-6A30, 7T52-6A50, 7T52-6A60, 7T52-6A70, 7T52-6A80, 7T52-6A90, 7T52-6B00, 7T52-6B10, 7T52-6B20, 7T52-7000, 7T52-7A00, 7T52-7A09, 7T52-7A10, 7T52-8000, 7T59-6A00, 7T59-6A0A, 7T59-6A19, 7T59-6A20, 7T59-6A30, 7T59-7A00, 7T59-7A10, 7T59-7A20, 7T59-7A2A, 7T59-7A30, 7T59-F010, 7T59-F011, 7T62-0CG0, 7T62-0CH0, 7T62-X136, 7T72-6A00, 7T72-6A10, Y182-0AA0, Y182-5A20, Y182-5A30, Y182-5A50, Y182-5A70, Y182-6A00, Y182-6A10, Y182-6A20, Y182-6A40, Y182-6A50, Y182-6A60, Y182-6A80, Y182-6B00, Y182-6B20, Y182-6B90, Y182-6C10, Y182-6C50, Y182-6D10, Y182-6D20, Y182-6D40, Y182-6D90, Y182-6F00, Y182-6F40, Y182-6F50, Y182-6F90, Y182-7A00, Y182-7A80, Y182-7A90, Y182-7B00, Y182-7B30, Y182-7B40, Y182-7B60, Y182-7B70, Y182-7B90, Y182-7C20, Y182-7C60, Y182-7D00, Y182-7D10, Y182-7D50, Y182-7D60, Y182-7D70, Y182-7D80, Y182-X010, Y182-X011, Y182-X015, Y187-6A10, Y187-7A00, Y187-7A10, Y187-7A20, Y187-7A30, Y187-8A00, Y187-8A10, Y187-8A40, Y187-9A00, Y187-9A10, Y189-6A40, Y189-7A20,



Product specifications:

Brand: Seiko

Article number: 0351580

Color: Grey,


Condition: New sealed

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Product information
Brand Seiko
Article code 0351580
SKU 0351580
EAN 689394470714
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